Upcoming @ Doo-Bop

25Nov7:30 pmTicketedAndrew Butt Quintet

26Nov7:30 pm- 11:30 pmTicketedSwinging Sundays: Russell Bayne & Peter Uppman Allstars

27Nov7:30 pmTicketedMonday Sessions: Leigh Carriage Quintet

28Nov7:30 pmTicketedQld Conservatorium Jazz Presents: AUS/NZ Quintet

29Nov7:30 pmTicketedAtienne Bakker Trio (Melbourne)

30Nov7:30 pmTicketedTim Sladden Quintet

What Makes Jazz So Cool?

In a word - improvisation.

Setting up the theme of a jazz performance is like setting up a musical base camp. Once this is established at the beginning of the piece, each musician is free to wander off to explore - but always, eventually, returning to base. Variations on the theme. The heart of jazz.

It's the goal of each musician in a jazz band to take you with them on their improvised journey; to show you how they do it. And then, of course, to bring you back from the wilds of their imagination to the others at base camp; back to the theme - a little wiser and a little more fulfilled each time.

To experience jazz live is to experience the music being created before your very eyes and ears. Miles Davis called it "the birth of the cool". And he was right...