What is your name?

Mount Gambier All-Stars  (aka James Morrison Academy Honours Ensemble)

What instrument/s do you play and/or sing?

Alto, Tenor, Trombone, Bass, Guitar and Drums

What was your first public performance?

We’ve been playing together for years, but our first performance as this band was at Morrison’s Jazz Club in Mount Gambier earlier this year.

How would you describe the type of musical feel and sound that you have?

Our band, the Mount Gambier All-stars, are all about swinging hard and having producing a great vibe.

Have you recorded any albums?

We are just about to record our debut album next week! Stay tuned 😉

Have you toured overseas and where?

We have been lucky enough to tour the United States twice this year. Our first tour was with James Morrison, performing in New Orleans, Dallas, Washington DC, Chicago and New York City. The second tour was to Los Angeles, Denton and New York City, where we went on exchange to the Juilliard School.

Have you had any mentors?

We are very lucky to study at the James Morrison Academy Of Music in Mount Gambier where we are mentored by James Morrison, Jeff Clayton, Wycliffe Gordon, Mat Jodrell, Carl Mackey, David Jones, Phil Stack, Carl Dewhurst and many others.

What is special about jazz for you?

Jazz is such a unique art form. Through improvisation, jazz teaches you about yourself. And through swing, it teaches you that other people are individuals too. It teaches you how to coordinate with them. Our quest is to pass this on to the next generation.