Doo-Bop Royalty System – Coming Soon


The¬†Doo-Bop Royalty System (“DBRS”) is modeled on the (very cool!) system of revenue sharing developed by Smalls Jazz Club in New York.

Subscription fees that are paid to Doo-Bop for access to the Doo-Bop Audio/Video Archive are pooled. The expenses of operating the website and archive are deducted. The remaining income is split 50% to musicians (and then distributed quarterly according to how much each musician has been listened to in that period) and 50% to Doo-Bop (to help pay for the cost of running the club and paying musicians’ fees).

As with Smalls’ system, the musicians own the copyright in all recordings of their performances, and Doo-Bop retains the right to archive the footage for the exclusive use of our subscribing members.

Band leaders have the right to opt out of live streaming and/or archiving of their performances.