Improv Menu

Duck & cashew spring rolls w/ chilli sauce 12
Marinated olives & roasted nuts      9
Pork & prawn wontons, tamarind dipping sauce 15
Spiced corn fritters 10
Barbeque chicken wings w/blue cheese dipping sauce               10
Trio of fries, rosemary salt, aioli 12
Tempura fish bites, sauce Gribiche (3) 13
Oysters - Miso nori butter (half dozen) 17
Oysters - Rockefeller (half dozen) 17
Honey roasted chorizo 16
Baby Larb   15
Oxtail & pumpkin arancini, smoked tomato Relish   15
Bowl of crispy prawns, spiced salt   12

Doo-Bop Pizza's

Goats cheese, caramelised shallot & chorizo pizza 18
Mushroom, artichoke, olive, potato & red pepper pizza 18
Pumpkin, blue cheese & Kim chi pizza 18

Sharing Platters (for 2)

The Thelonious Monk
Spiced corn fritter, duck spring roll, chicken wing, lamb kofta
The John Coltrane
Selected cheeses – served w/ quince & dried fruits V
The Miles Davis
Selection of smoked & cured meats, antipasto selection & bread

GF – Gluten Free, V –  Vegetarian
*Gluten free & vegetarian options available.

Basement Jazz Bar Menu

Roast Pumpkin, Artichoke, Quinoa & Rocket Salad, Cashew Cream GF, V 18
King Brown Mushrooms, mashed Peas, Parsnip puree GF, V 18
Salt & Pepper Tofu, Bok Choy, Shitake Mushrooms, Hot & Sour Dressing V 20
Seared King Prawns, charred Watermelon, confit Fennel, Avocado Dressing GF 20
Market Fish, crushed Chats, Kim Chi, Truss Tomatoes GF 20
Confit Chicken Maryland, Mole sauce, Saffron Potatoes, Grapefruit Salad 20
Char Grilled Black Onyx Rump, Mash, Gremolata, Fried Onions 20
BBQ Brisket, Polenta Chips, Pickled Carrots, Jus 20


GF – Gluten Free, V – Vegetarian
*Gluten free & vegetarian options available.

Dessert Menu

White Chocolate Pannacotta w/ Berry Compote GF 12.5
Banoffee Pie w/ Butterscotch Sauce 12.5
Cinnamon Beignets, Chocolate Sauce, Strawberries & Cream 12.5
Key Lime Pie, Chantilly Cream 12.5
Free form Chocolate Brulee, Fresh Berries, Maple comb GF V 12.5
Vanilla Pumpkin Cheesecake, Bourbon Cream, Peppermint Caramel 12.5

GF – Gluten Free, V – Vegetarian