Ahead of the upcoming show this weekend in the Doo-Bop Gatsby Room, we put AlphaStomp’s Mark Anderson under the Doo-Bop Spotlight.

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9th August 8pm – Doo-Bop Gatsby Room

Can you tell us a little about how you got to this point in your career and who is most responsible for helping you get here?

Perseverance and a real love of what I’m doing. My wife, Marisa without doubt is the most encouraging person in the world. She has more faith in me than I do.

You mention some world class bands that have influenced your sound including, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix & AC/DC. Were you lucky enough to see any of these bands live? If so how was it? 

I have seen AC/DC 3 times since 1988. I also saw another one of my idols, Chuck Berry in 1989 when I snuck into a club underage. Seeing Chuck Live is still one of the coolest music memories I have.

I hear you spent some time playing in Europe last year, how was the experience, was there anything that stands out for you?

The experience was great. It was also at a time when the soccer world cup was on, so everyone was in party mode. The audiences were very appreciative. They don’t get a whole lot of blues music in Prague, Italy or Vienna.

If you go back to Europe again is there anywhere you would like to play that you haven’t already, or somewhere you would like to visit?

We are planning to head back in 2021 and would love to do Germany. I know they love their blues. 2020 will be all about myself & Greg gigging as much as possible on the east coast of Australia.

If your were given the opportunity to jam with any musician in the world who would you choose?

Definitely Angus Young.

What can fans look forward to on your upcoming EP launch?

Modern Blues that you can stomp your foot to. 

And finally, if you could pass on a few words of wisdom to Brisbane’s emerging talent, what would they be?

Persevere & practice. I think just love what you do and be true to your music. Don’t worry if you don’t become a rock star in your twenties. If you truly love playing your guitar, or instrument, you should be able to do it to the day you die and be happy.