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Late Night Jam Sessions at Doo-Bop Jazz Bar

Never before seen in Brisbane on such a scale, the Late Night Jam Sessions at Doo-Bop are already legendary!

Wednesday to Sunday nights – free hosted late night jam sessions from 10.30pm (after the basement show) right through to 2.30am.

What Happens at a Late Night Jam?

Some of our best local and interstate talent line up to host jazz jams late into the evening.
At least 3 core performers on piano, drums and double bass host each event. They’re often joined by members of the ticketed act that was on previously that night, and they’re always waiting for more like-minded jazz, soul, funk and blues singers and musicians to join them onstage. Is this you? Or do you just like to watch?

Either way, come and check it out. Free entry from 10pm.

With our Piano Bar and basement Jazz Bar events thrown in, Doo Bop has over 50 live music events each month. That’s a whole lotta love…

Jazz Bar

Wed23MayMay 2310:30 pmMay 24Free EventJam SessionCleon Barraclough Trio

Thu24MayMay 2410:30 pmMay 25Free EventJam SessionPat Farrell Trio

Fri25MayMay 2510:30 pmMay 26Free EventJam SessionSacha K Trio

Sat26MayMay 2610:30 pmMay 27Free EventJam SessionAaron Jansz Trio

Sun27MayMay 2710:30 pmMay 28Free EventJam SessionSophie Min Trio

Wed30MayMay 3010:30 pmMay 31Free EventJam SessionCleon Barraclough Trio

Thu31MayMay 3110:30 pmJun 1- 2:30 amFree EventJam SessionPat Farrell Trio