Eddie Gazani and Mike Bevan Band

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Eddie Gazani

Eddie Gazani brings Latin grooves from the heartland of sunshine, music and soul – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – to... Read More

Nico Iaia

Guitarist and percussionist Nico Iaia is well known for his energetic performances as part of the Eddie Gazani Band. His... Read More

Peter Freeman

Peter Freeman is a Brisbane double bassist and academic at the University of Queensland School of Music. His passion for... Read More

Mike Bevan

Mike Bevan is an Adelaide based guitarist renowned for his performances with Charmaine Jones, Alex Tsiboulski and Brisbane favourite Eddie Gazani.... Read More

Ricardo Bona

Accordionist Ricardo Bona was trained in Sao Paolo before he emigrated to Australia. Now based in Brisbane, he enjoys regular... Read More

Kym Ambrose

Drummer, vibraphonist and educator Kym Ambrose began his professional career at 16 years of age. He undertook a Diploma of... Read More