Kel Timmons / Clint Allen Quintet

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Clint Allen

Clint holds a Masters of Music (trumpet performance) degree from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and performs regularly in a... Read More

Andrew Shaw

Bassist Andrew Shaw is a stalwart of the Brisbane Jazz Scene.  He performs with a diverse range of artists, jumping... Read More

Brett Fowler

Brett Fowler is songwriter, pianist and member of the original contemporary jazz ensemble The Enterprise. The local Brisbane group have... Read More

Dave Cotgreave

David Cotgreave is a drummer, conductor and owner of the Brisbane Jazz Agency. Most often you’ll find David playing in... Read More

Kel Timmons

Kel Timmons (Kel on Earth) is the sassy front woman of Brisbane Soul act Bankrupt Billionaires.  She is also an exceptional... Read More

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