The 8-Tracks

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Cat Milton

Cat grew up in a family of all singing all swinging folk and blues musicians. Cat graduated from the Queensland... Read More

Giuliana Russo

Since graduating from The Conroy Performing Arts College (CPAC) she has hosted children shows around Australia, travelled abroad to Dubai... Read More

Amanda Jade

Amanda Harris started singing at the tender age of three when she wowed her family with a passionate rendition of... Read More

Mark Egan

Mark is a bass player and guitarist who has been playing around the Brisbane scene since the early nineties. Currently... Read More

Mike Russel

Mike has played in local bands in Melbourne and Brisbane since aged 16.  He has spent 25 years in the... Read More

Dave Hagger

Dave was educated at Bass Tech Music School in London and has toured Europe with a number of original Motown... Read More

Craig MacDonnell

Craig has a real jazz background.  Craig has played with the USQ big band, including a tour of Hong Kong.... Read More

Craig Wilson

A dynamic, kilt-wearing, haggis-eating, whisky-drinking skinsman named Craig. When we asked him if anything is worn under the kilt he... Read More

Eric Van der Neut

Erik is the newest member and has certainly added a new dimension to the band with his conga playing. Erik... Read More