Sophie Min Jazz Orchestra

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Sophie Min

Sophie Min​(born in Seoul, Korea) is a jazz pianist, keyboardist, composer and educator, performing and teaching in the Brisbane area... Read More

Lachlan Hawkins

Lachlan Hawkins is a Brisbane-based freelance drummer, handpan player and educator currently engaged in many musical projects, ranging from jazz... Read More

Zac Sakrewski

Zac Sakrewski is an improviser, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator from the Sunshine Coast. With his strong desire to experiment and a love... Read More

Kayleigh Pincott

Kayleigh Pincott is a vocalist, arranger, teacher and composer with a Bachelor of Music in jazz voice from the Queensland... Read More

Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers found his love for the trumpet at age seven and has since had the pleasure of performing on the... Read More

Joshua Kehoe

Joshua Kehoe is a Saxophonist, Pianist and Organist based in Brisbane, Australia. Josh’s passion for Jazz music developed at an... Read More

Harry Ottley

Jazz saxophonist Harry Ottley has performed at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre Concert Hall, Royal Convention and Exhibition Centre and... Read More

Joel Aspinal

Joel Aspinall is a Brisbane Saxophonist currently in his 3rd year of study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. During... Read More