Michael Pignéguy & The Music of The Awakenings Ensemble ft. James Sandon

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Michael Pignéguy

Michael Pignéguy is a gifted drummer, composer, band-leader, arranger and producer. He performs & records alongside a variety of other skilled, international musicians... Read More

James Sandon

James is one of the most natural and talented musicians in the country. His sound is fat and his style... Read More

Dan Quigley

Dan Quigley’s childhood was enriched by the sounds of jazz legends. As a professional trumpet player since he was 17... Read More

Steve Newcomb

Steve Newcomb is an Australian pianist and composer equally in demand for his unique touch on the piano, detailed writing,... Read More

Nick Quigley

Nick is a bassist and the CEO of JMI.  Spending his whole life around music and now running the family... Read More

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