In the Spotlight: Joe Chindamo

What instrument/s do you play and/or sing? Piano Used to play Accordion. How old were you when you first started performing? 6 What was your first public performance? Music competition at 8 – which I won. How would you describe the type of musical feel and sound that you have? That’s not really for me […]

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Thank you – First 60 Days

Thank you for making the first 60 days of Doo-Bop Jazz Bar a huge success! So far Doo-Bop has hosted 150+ Live music performances, 50+ late night jam sessions – and there is no intention to slow down. Thank you to all the amazing Brisbane artists who consistently support the scene, and thank you to […]

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Weekly Digest

11 August 2017: Get Swinging for Father’s Day – Talkin’ Jazz – Mint Julep Get Swinging for Father’s Day If you’re at a loss for what you can gift your world’s greatest dad, look no further than a Doo-Bop jazz experience. We have gift vouchers available at $50 and $100, purchasable in-store and online. Buy […]

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In the Spotlight: Ingrid James

The Highest Rated Brisbane Live Music Venues

In the Spotlight: Ingrid James It is impressive to be told you have note perfect delivery and a sweet-but-hip style in Australia’s jazz scene, how old were you when you first started singing professionally? I started singing professionally for Channel 9 every week from when I was 19 years’ old. I was doing backing vocals […]

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Jazz Music History: A Quick Guide

Ragtime and blues Jazz began in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States during the late 1800s. It came about as a natural evolution of influences between European folk music and African-American vocal arrangements. The origins of jazz are neatly traced to the syncopated rhythms of ragtime and minor chord progressions characteristic of the blues. […]

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