Andrea Kirwin has been performing around Australia for over a decade and has put together a fantastic show of her idol for fans to enjoy. In anticipation of her upcoming Tracy Chapman tribute show this weekend we put Andrea Kirwin under the Doo-Bop Spotlight.

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2nd August 9.30pm

I see you were inspired to write songs after your first live concert to see Clare Bowditch, was this a new idea for you or did you always aspire to have a career in the music industry?

It was a totally new concept to me that you could be a singer-songwriter!  I was so inspired by Clare’s laid back and approachable style of playing and being herself on stage. I was hooked and went home and started writing that night.

Can you tell us a little about how you got to this point in your career and who is most responsible for helping you get here?

I’ve been performing on the Folk Festival circuit since 2008 where I was booked to perform with my then band, The Andi and George Band. That band taught me so much about music, good times and gave me an awesome platform to start with. So many talented school of music friends and housemates all in a bus travelling up to Festivals on two tours. It was amazing. When I went solo in 2009 I started from scratch and slowly built up my skills as a performer to where they are today. I see myself more as a songwriter than a performer but I enjoy both.

If you couldn’t be a musician, what career would you like to pursue the most?

I’d probably work with a community service organisation helping children, minorities and other people who need support. I love being a part of a community and that’s why I love living on the Sunshine Coast, it has an awesome community that supports each other.

Describe your first ever live gig.

I used to work in an Irish bar in Canberra called King O’Malley’s and they had a band called ‘Annie and the Armadillos’ every Monday and Annie would get me up to sing ‘Gimme One Reason’ and ‘Chain of Fools’. She was so awesome. My first gig was with George my duo partner at the Front Cafe in Lyneham Canberra. We were busking outside and the owner Rose asked if we wanted to play inside. We said yes!

After your first international gig in New Zealand last year, do you have plans to tour anywhere else in the world? Is there anywhere specific you would love to play?

I am very relaxed these days, I’m going to be working with a producer from LA on my next album so we will see where doors open up. But I am happy living and playing music here in QLD. It’s a great life!

During you career you must have crossed paths with lots of musicians, is there any one you haven’t met yet that you would like to meet or see perform live?

I love live music. That’s how I got into music was through jamming and seeing bands at Festivals I didn’t know. I’d love to see Tracy Chapman – she’d be top of my list!!!

What is it about Tracy Chapman and her music that you love?

Her authenticity. She is so loved by her fans because she is just herself. I love that. And her songwriting and message are universal about humanity and the struggles. I have played her music for over a decade and have never tired of it. That’s great songwriting.

Is there a Tracy Chapman song you are looking forward to performing the most?

Smoke and Ashes is my favourite song to play. It’s beautiful musically. Heaven’s here on earth comes in a close second. I love the bridge in that song!

And finally, If you could pass on a few words of wisdom to Brisbane’s emerging talent, what would they be?

Be yourself and follow your instinct. Connect with your immediate community and work on building a sustainable long term career based on true connection rather than fame. This way you will always be able to earn a living and have fun the whole time!