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Utterly fresh and unique but steeped in the tradition of real, authentic blues, Mojo’s music is truly world-class. With charisma and a naturally captivating stage presence, Mojo breathes new life into roots-based sounds. Equally at home with a band or in solo performance; in the most specialized fields of true blues or on a pop festival stage, Mojo transcends all age and fashion barriers. Here’s how…


Mojo has a rare singing talent. He combines his incredibly soulful natural voice with expressive songwriting and all the passion and honesty of the deepest blues singers (though he sounds like neither, he cites Muddy Waters and Billie Holliday as his biggest vocal influences). People stop and stare when Mojo starts singing. “Where the hell did you get that voice from?” is a very common question put to him!


Having lived and studied all styles of blues guitar full-time for over twenty-five years, Mojo can do it all. He has a hundred years of intense guitar music under his fingers. Not content with merely being a ‘keeper of the blues flame’ (which he also is!) Mojo uses what he’s learned from all those years of smoky, heartfelt gigs to create sounds that perfectly mesh with his voice and his often explosive performance style. Sometimes tastefully accompanying, sometimes incendiary but always well, just Mojo: his guitar playing is the very finest.


He lives to perform. Offstage, his rather shy and retiring vibe belies the amazing power he has to ‘let it all out’ onstage. Gut-wrenchingly self-therapeutic, he cries, shouts, laughs and boasts his way into the souls of his crowds.


He’s a multi-instrumentalist! A very accomplished, first-rate blues harmonica player in the tradition of Chicago’s golden blues era, Mojo puts all his unique phrasing and feeling into this demanding instrument. Drums, bass and saxophone also sit in Mojo’s resume. Check out his album “The Burden” – Mojo plays every instrument on the entirely self-penned fourteen-song collection!


Mojo began singing and playing the guitar at age twelve. He also plays harmonica, saxophone, bass and drums. Mojo spent six years on the road with Buzz & The Blues Band (’92-’98), supplying his trademark guitar sound to that fantastic band’s appearances all over Australia, including The East Coast Blues Festival as well as blues/jazz festivals in Lithgow, Bridgetown, Wangaratta, Bellingen and Thredbo among others.

Since then, Mojo has fronted his own bands and also performed solo. His stunning vocal delivery, incendiary guitar and harmonica playing and mostly his natural and engaging stage presence have earned him countless fans and admirers.