John Reeves

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My musical journey has been eclectic to say the least. I trained in classical piano at the Royal College of Music in London. After graduation I ventured into the world of Jazz to follow the sounds that had enchanted me as a child. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong records echoed through the family home, the idea that they were creating this music spontaneously fascinated me.

I worked in London playing and teaching for several years, and then took a plunge into the unknown and moved to Australia. I’ve never looked back. I’ve played jazz piano all over the place from Sydney Opera House to Magnetic Island allowing my interests to draw  me through a surprising array of cultures and styles of music.

In 2007 I was awarded a ‘Professional Development Grant’ from Arts Queensland, on which I studied drum, balafon, dance and song in Ghana, West Africa on a tour fascilitated by the great Ray Pereira. This lead to collaborations with African musicians living in Brisbane and tours to Japan and Taiwan.

A new phase of composing lead to the consolidation of Jazz and African styles in my music.

I completed training as an Alexander Technique teacher in 2008 ( and many years later I entertained the idea of letting the music go to focus exclusively on that. However my soul didn’t quite agree with that and the music returned twice as strong in the unexpected form of Piano Accordion which I can tell you has come a passion a joy and an obsession!!

I am happy to report I enjoy a career involving all of these elements. Jazz and African Style Piano – French, Jazz and Brazilian Piano Accordion and a healthy Alexander Technique teaching practice.

I look forward to sharing my music with you all